Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Migrating to the USA

Regie and Ivy, from the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO, requested I address Filipinos migrating to the USA at their regular outreach/exit debriefing at the CFO.

On Monday, February 8, I requested Chair Buhain to accompany me to the CFO office and we addressed a group ready for departure to the United States.

The topics we covered included:
What to expect upon arrival in the US
Life in the US and what makes it different from the Philippines
The job market and potential for growth
Housing issues
Professional landscape of Filipinos and Fil Ams
Difference in communities in different states
Inter-action with Filipinos, Filipino Americans and other ethnic groups
New and different family responsibilities (most were sponsored by a relative – average wait 20 years)
Children/Parents issues (some folks, grandparents were being asked to
Help their children with child caring while they work

We were candid and explained that the Filipino values that have been instilled in us never go away and remain to be the solid foundation that enables us to face new beginnings. It’s never compromised, but we just adjust to a new way of life – sometimes better – sometimes challenging.

We responded to Questions & Answers and wished them all well.

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